Down to one

I  have committed to writing publishing two post a day for over a month now. At this point I can say that I am up for the challenge but I must also wonder, “what is the point of the challenge?”

I can still commit to two posts a day but I felt some posts were compromised. I got into the habit of posting and scheduling posts, so that is all well but there seems a need for a more constructive objective. I thought of categorizing posts by subjects to be posted on specific days. This will not be set as a commitment until I finish the upgrade period for my PhD thesis so another five months and then I would enter such a commitment.

However, with regards to the number of posts per day, I think one is enough and any second posts can be scheduled for another day. I do not aim to add more to people’s reading list nor compromise much on quality to satisfy a double challenge. So unless a lot is happening, I will be reducing my posts to one :)

One Response to “Down to one

  • I agree my darling, one constructive post a day is enough. Preferably if they all include pics of Mezo.loool

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