The Disney influence

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I was so in love with Disney’s little Mermaid character and my aunt used to say that she reminded her of me. I used to compare my personality with hers and make sure that I learnt all the words to her songs, because at that point I was living in that Disney world. Like many others across the world, certain fictional characters influence us, consciously or not. Also, certain animation or movie characters would affect different aspects of our personality.

Yet as adults few of us are willing to admit that some childhood traits still linger and persist into adult life. They could be minor habits or likes or maybe some major choices that we make. It is sometimes a good idea to watch these movies that we loved so much and repeated over and over and try to see if there are still some parallels.

I certainly valued my collections more because Ariel had different collections like me. I also thought that love is worth trading everything for, even your voice, sometimes and that at the end it would prevail. Gladly, I loved someone who was worth it and even with the ups and downs of life we can still find a way and work together, focusing on our objective of being happy. Since happily ever after is what all fairy tales must be :)

Many psychologist reported the affect of cartoon characters on women’s expectations of love etc, which is not a subject that I want to delve into at the moment. However, of all the things that the Disney animations have embedded in me is the belief in dreams. I believe that when wishing upon a star anything is possible and not limited to dreams. That could be the drive for me to work harder and try to achieve more, but believing is the first step to get me to where I feel I could reach. It is important to notice the influences and maintain the good thoughts that could impact your life positively.

As a mother I encourage my children to dream :)

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