13th Nov 2010
Picture 34

An unrealistic plan or a trick

I don’t much approve of sleep overs for my son. It is due to several reasons. He has been nagging to sleep over at his aunt’s house but I kept...

11th Nov 2010
Picture 28

Many comebacks hardly a return

So I was wondering what kept me from blogging all this time. “Busy” seems a too simple answer, as I am always busy and post don’t take me too long...

03rd Aug 2010
Moaning about writing

Moaning about writing

It happens so often that we find a lull in our creative storm where things sit quietly and does not progress further. Awaiting for that glorious sparkle of excitement to...

17th Jul 2010
Picture 46

Missing the obvious

I was watching my brother play a game in which he had to call out the colour of the word such as the one above as fast as he can....

13th Jul 2010
Picture 39

The marked return

I often wonderwhat is it in the bloggers personality that triggers A) the guilt of missed posts and B) having to apologize for the absence. Is it the feel of...

22nd May 2010
Could compromised vision be a blessing?

Could compromised vision be a blessing?

I get easily distracted and wonder off in thought at the slightest glance. My head has been pounding with ideas each time I walk around London.  Yet on days that...

13th May 2010
The NBK walkathon

The NBK walkathon

My Aunt asked me about my experience in the NBK walkathon. She said I forgot to post something about it. I said I loved it and that I will post...

12th May 2010
Picture 30

Can you find this in Kuwait?

This is a multi vitamin drink that I first came across in Kuwait many many years ago (not trying to hide my age but I really don’t remember when and...

10th May 2010
Built-in navigation

Built-in navigation

Whenever I go on my way to university I tend to default to my auto pilot mode. I have been going to the same place for a long while via...

09th May 2010
A new era for Harrods

A new era for Harrods

While I was sitting with a friend in the Georgian Restaurant at Harrods yesterday a group of people gathered with reporters and there was a briefing about the fact that...