The Santorinian Fava is a star

Picture 3After only few days of first coming across The real Greek restaurant in Westfield Mall, I found myself making my way back there again. Although, the starter portions are better for two to share, I manage to finish my special treats without overdoing it. Perhaps because I only ordered starters :) I found this restaurant just in time as I was planning to start eating healthier. The decor is simple and the seating out side can be very refreshing in the right weather condition. The food is fresh and full of healthy flavour that does not compromise on taste. They had a wide range of vegetarian options. The service was good and I know when I am back in London I will be visiting it more often.

I tried all of the following, which I copied of their menu with the description.

Greek Flatbread- Light, moist and incredibly moreish, the authentic Greek classic. £ 2.25

Santorinian Fava- An unforgettable purée of earthy Santorini lentils, olive oil and herbs £ 3.85

Tzatziki- Cool and tangy Greek yoghurt with chopped cucumber, garlic and fresh mint £ 3.85

Sagnaki Kefalotyri-Greek Kefalotyri goats’ milk cheese, grilled until soft and golden  £ 4.50

All were great but the fava was the star.

The Real Greek – Westfield
020 8743 9168

Unit 1073, Southern Terrace,
Westfield Shopping Centre, Ariel Way,
London W12 7GB

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