Always blooming

For two years i had few magnets decorating the fridge, while my husband and I where living in Woking, Surrey. One of the magnets had these words written, “Bloom where you are planted.”

I found these words very special as I always felt that it is important to aim to outshine any situation and not to give in to the circumstances. At first I thought circumstances were limited by the place you find to be ideal for growth. Later I found many other obstacle one might face including people who show resistance in the face of innovative ideas and many other aspects one might associate with bad circumstances or conditions for growth. I had to move from Kuwait to Canada and then London,UK. If at any stage I had succumbed to the depression of leaving loved ones and not moving on with my life and trying to explore the potentials of my surroundings, I might have been a totally different person today.Not that I never had dull moments but I had to quickly brush them off.

I am not worried of where life might take me. In whatever place or country there are always things and activities to do. Projects that I aspire to completing and things to be learned. The trick is to utilize all the tools available and using them in full potential rather than looking for a device to do it all and giving up when one is not around. Moreover, it is all in the human skill to survive and cope and these are the qualities that distinguishes successful people from others. For it is only “a poor tradesman always blames his tools.” :)

2 Responses to “Always blooming

  • I believe that you’ve got that trait from me. you can’t deny that otherwise we will have a small talk next time I see you. hahaha

  • Of course :)

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