An unrealistic plan or a trick

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I don’t much approve of sleep overs for my son. It is due to several reasons. He has been nagging to sleep over at his aunt’s house but I kept refusing reminding him that he gets too hyper and sensitive when he gets sleepy and he might go beyond his bedtime and ends up fighting with his cousin for no good reason other than exhaustion. I keep insisting that he should not over stay at anyone’s house coz otherwise boredom could pave way for arguments.

He often protests and says that their best friends and fights are no existent. However, boys will be boys and on the best of days he still manages to prove my points. So, one day his approach was different. As I picked him up from school he revealed,

Son: Mum I need to go to my cousin’s house and stay over the weekend

Me: Why?

Son: At break time we planned to make a robot that will do everything for us even home work and makes food so I don’t SHOUT   and ask for food. So I need to be at his house because it will take days to make.

So, I smile at my six year old’s plan and wish someday he would be spending constructive time with his cousin planning useful project yet I kept wondering if he actually thought he could achieve that plan or  was he trying to trick me to agree to a sleep over :)

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