Another scam!

Picture 7 I blog few days ago about the email scam I received and today I got a text message with the same concept.

Let’s look at the obvious clues;

1-Why would my number (an office line that is available on the website) be listed on a UK network when in fact it is a Kuwaiti mobile number?

2- Why would Nokia offer money to a mobile number? In the UK mobiles are fixed to accept certain networks but in Kuwait this is not the case.

3- Why O why would Nokia have a yahoo email address?

Ok so how does the scam works (this is a warning and not an idea for anyone to carry this scam out);

Basically, a person who never heard of this kind of scam wold contact the people involved and they would ask for a sum of money to transfer the prize or would say that you have to purchase a token or whatever it is that would enable them to give you the money. If you fall for it and transfer any sum then they will ask for more creating another excuse just to maximize their gain from the naive hopefuls who fall for this trap. Until at some point the person would figure it out when already money has been transferred and thee would not be any way of retrieving it.

So watch out for these scams, apparently they are going viral. I wonder why?

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