After blogging, I started reading blogs and following some happenings in the blogosphere. Not all blogs are to my liking but even though I find my self landing on them again. There few that I follow on regular basis and I find them very light hearted and entertaining. I don’t usual subscribe to any of these and rather type the name but recently my list is growing and luckily I came across BOTAMBA.

It is an RSS aggregator for Kuwaiti blogs. I love it so much and have added my blog there. Now I only go there to check on the latest thoughts being showcased in Kuwait and wonder if it a true reflection of our society or it is another realm on its own.

Botamba is definately worth checking out and you will be an addict in no time :) Spread the word.

3 Responses to “Botamba

  • Thank you for the sweet words :)

    You know, your request to add your blog to botamba took a little more than any other requests. Cause I had fun reading your posts and reading the about me page.

    Keep up the good work and expect some new features in Botamba soon :)

  • Yes, botamba is really good aggregator. Hopefully we will see more blogs on it.

  • Thank you for such a great service.
    I wish you all the success. It shows that a lot of effort has gone into making Botamba.
    I think it is superb already but eagerly awaiting the new features, since you mentioned them :)

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