Daily rituals

It has been part of my daily ritual to blog and today because I only managed to get connected later than usual I felt seriously disoriented. It is interesting how we become so used to different habits that it would seem as if part of us went missing if these rituals are not carried out. I think the same is true with other rituals plus or minus some other emotions such as guilt or even chaos depending on the scale and type of ritual or practice in question.

Rituals are important to give us order and so that we can spend our day in a rhythmic manner that would satisfy our purpose and offer some kind of harmonious follow. However, they sometimes pose great pressure in how they should be practiced or become a stress factor in having to perform them and get them out of the way. At which point we have to question the reason we have incorporated these habits into our lives and reevaluate them or even place them in another perspective so that we can experience the benefits without feeling the strains of the practice.

An example is going to the gym. If we only feel the burden of the commitment then it will be very stressful to the point that it might be dropped out by quitting or simply skipping visits in place of other commitments. While trying to focus on the joys of exercising and getting excited about health might be more of a motivating approach than can get you back in track to reaching your goal.

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