Earliest memory

I was thinking today about my earliest memory and I could not decide between two moments. One is splits seconds of doctors in an operating theater or what I think is a dream, in which I saw British royal guard entre our house in Kuwait (not that I remember that I knew what they looked like back then) and but at the same time I felt I was floating in mid air as I was navigating though our house. Then I saw a young girl and as if I was a the soul that entered the body for the first time. I am sure there were many moments before those but as far back that my mind can go I think either one was my first memory. I was always fascinated in trying to remember things back. I was not sure what these memories where exactly about but the whole process for memory intrigued even the child in me.

My son has a similar interest. He would list things and describe moments from time before he was able to talk. He would ask me random questions about places we have been to or things we have done that I thought he was not aware of. One he told me that he saw a camel with two heads and I said, “Impossible!”

Then he went on describing that it was a picture and it was in my old office and with more specific details I remembered opening an email on an old PC with a picture of two camels taken from an angle to make them look like a two headed camel. It is interesting how our mind would remember things that we do not fully understand and select specific images to recall and others that would remain as the abstract of a dream.

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