Early bird or night owl?

One of the early studying advice I got from one of my teachers was to find out if I was, “an early bird or a night owl.”

Essentially, she recognized that people have different optimal conditions to work or study. She would say, some can study while listening to music while others would need absolute quiet surroundings.

It was important that you know what works best for you. It is as if you would have to acquaint yourself with your personality at different situations and even at different points of your life. It is very important to get to know your direction, likes and dislikes and stay connected and updated with any changes that you come across. Knowing that you work best at night would help you plan your day better and hence achieve more etc. Knowing that you feel in a better mood when you wake up early can help you start the day right.

It is your responsibility in the first place to know what works best for you and then make the best choices accordingly. For me the optimal hour to work in varies according to my energy level and when the children are fast a sleep. Only then would I be able to hear my thoughts and be able to concentrate :)

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