How many bloggers consider this?

I was having a conversation with someone and then thought about a blog post that would look better to feature that individual for the purpose of exemplifying the matter at hand. Then I thought what if that person would not like it? Then my thoughts froze on all the ethical considerations. If I was in this person’s shoe I might not like to feature in a blog without knowing the context in which my mentioning was relevant. Anonymity might be the more suitable option.

As long as you are polite and not mentioning them by name then generally people assume it is OK. But what if you were blogging about a private matter or about something that the individual in question regards it as private. The scale of privacy is often set to a personal preference and while others feel free to tell all about they daily dos to the last detail, while some don’t even like certain people knowing their whereabouts or their thoughts.

It is no longer enough to plan your announcements but also to track the announcements of others, especially bloggers and tweeters. Keeping a secret even just to retain the element of surprise is more challenging than it used to be. You would need to race in spreading updates on social networks so that you would not get the common comment, “you did not tell me!”

On the other hand, information ownership might be more complex. Some might be considered as having a shared ownership if it was a conversation (it would be funny if both parties would blog the same conversation). Also there is not reserved rights on information that is already out in the public domain.

I think there is no one right answer to this. It would be interesting to see if there is a list of etiquette related to blogging (I am sure there will be one at some point). When in doubt, it would be easier to ask :)

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