How many of these do I need?

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease” – Voltaire

Voltaire’s words might have an element of truth as a flu usually needs a certain recovery period and medications are often there to reduce symptoms or offer relief. In a private hospital, you are often prescribed a number of medications, including pain killers that just so happens to be available in their pharmacy. And trusting the doctor’s order you would probably buy everything on that list. But how many of these items listed are essential remains a matter of debate. I sometimes feel that we are over prescribed medications for commercial purposes and would like to know more on the reasons why certain items might be listed.

I even noticed that certain hospitals would sparingly put you on a course of antibiotics. Something that I was given once in all my 10 years stay in the UK. Yet I  would be put on a course each time I get a flu in Kuwait. I don’t know how well the public is aware about the use of antibiotics in Kuwait and how many would ask if even challenge the doctor’s order. But being in the sciences and having studied about antibiotic resistance (which I might cover in a future post) I am often wary of over-prescription. I am not sure about the public awareness of the matter and how many would be told to strictly stick to the course if they start one. But it is a situation that would have serious effects on public safety. Something non of us will be amused with.

2 Responses to “How many of these do I need?

  • eeeh wallah u should educate the general public ..sometimes the doctors r compromising our health ,,,without us knowing ,,thanks for the useful post

  • I second that..

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