In all fairnest

In support of the oppressed or the weak we might be overlooking the people who might need our support more. A person who has overcome many struggles and still managed to keep smiling might equally be in need of moral support as compared to a person who might cause a lot of commotion when faced with what ever burden life might offer.  Sometimes in being fair we become tyrants.

For instance, in a struggle between two children judging who is the aggressor might be based on the degree of emotions show. The child who seems devastated could be the victim, but this is not always the case and just because someone is reacting in a more composed way it does not mean that they are less affected by the situation. Or if a child is younger then he would automatically get the sympathy card.

This is not only limited to children but it is also seen in other situations such as a man taking the side of the woman who appears to be weaker in the story. Whereas, a strong woman will be expected to pull herself through regardless of any situation and the more the successful she is the less likely she would get sympathy.

I often wonder what does that teach the sensible ones of us? Is wailing the only option to get attention? Do people need to reach the point of breaking down in order for the people close to them to take notice? How does that teach our children?

When I think about that I feel I have to pay more attention to how my children persevere this notion. The high pitched call of attention could be lowered to a more sensible tone by addressing their need sooner. Even if to say that I hear you and I would do something about it. I realize that I have stepped on several issue but I am spilling out my wondering thoughts here in hope that something might be of benefit to others.

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