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When studying for exams or writing notes I used to be very picky about the presentation and usually resorted to using pencils in order to have the chance to rub mistakes off. I even used to use them for diary entries and labels as I don’t like to make mistakes or keep things that are messy. Inking was only for final drafts or when I was sure no mistakes will be made.

Yet I wonder with all the uninked notes and labels why do we (perfectionists) fear mistakes so much to the extent that we keep things in draft and temporary stage for far too long. A similar feeling would be to keep things in plastic or mint condition. The special value for that untouched preserved item (like the way I kept some of my diaries and stickers). What was I waiting for before I ink thoughts and use up some of my stationary. Well preserving things to pass down to one generation is one thing but the extreme of not using most of your possessions for some unknown time in the future seems to not make sense anymore.

Assuming that time, need and space is static is an obvious misconception, but not too obvious for a perfectionist who could also seek the perfect moment to use things. Things change, which is a natural process that we need to accept and we might realize too late that we were too careful and protective of things that we had outgrown the time to use them (does not apply to my stationary yet).

This thought made be less afraid to stop living due to fear of making mistakes and hence on the slate of life I am not afraid to ink things and then cross them off and make corrections, because no one is born perfect and progress is an important process to celebrate.

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