Like an angel

My mother got me the angle ornament pictured here. She said that it reminded her of me.

Angelic figurine

Angelic figurine

It is true that I love angles, fairies and butterflies yet I cannot help but wonder why is that so. Is it the innocence and delicate nature? One commonality I find in all these things is the wings so I looked up the symbolism of wings. The representation of symbols is part of our association with different objects and the feelings they provoke.

I found many meanings for the symbol wings;

1- Inspirational or spiritual symbolism, enlightenment, guidance, justice and protection (as in “to be taken under the wing”)

2- In some myths they have to be earned by their wearer.

3- Associated with birds to represent speed, elevation, freedom and aspiration.

4- “Those associated with butterflies, dragonflies, fairies, mythological winged creatures, (dragons, griffins, and Pegasus), have an element of magic to them. As in alchemy and magic, wings can be transformational, allowing an individual access to a previously unattainable state.” Nice :)

Very interesting I thought wondering what other symbols would people relate to their personality. You can post your favorite symbols here. I am more interested in your personal interpretation and how you relate to it.

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