Same old same old

I was thinking about trying something new because I was going through some work transitions and thought of keeping to the same theme. Then I questioned my intentions for change. I thought it could be a natural thing to happen in an age of actualization, when you review your goals and how close or far your are to them and then perhaps adjust few things to be back on track or tone and tweak your ambitions a bit. However, is doing something new is really novel or would it lead to the same old trap of doing something which seems popular at the time rather than most suited.

If there is no need to change something then it should stay the same as the saying goes, “if it is not broken, don’t fix it.” We might unknowingly be distracted from the main objective when we try to perfect side things or issues and ignore major issues at hand. I remember starting my first novel around the time I was preparing for my A-level exams. The escapism lead me into starting something new and it was not limited to one occasion. So when faced with such a feeling I often wonder, “Do I really want to do something new, or is it the same old excuse?”

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