Seeing glasses

I often squint my eyes while walking when I assume that I might be seeing someone I know. My stare looks bizarre as I keep a ready to be launched smile at bay until I make sure. Sometimes I looked at the person too much that I think is unnecessary, yet I continue doing so in the fear that I might be faced with a friend and relative without greeting them properly. It might me a matter of a metre or two until I can decide if I know a person or not.

My eye sight is getting worse. And although I have already had purchased the appropriate prescription glasses, I still don’t wear them. I cannot see myself with glasses (no pun intended). It is hard because I need them only for the distance and so I would keep on putting them on and off based on what I want to see. And so with one hand already carrying my mobile, I would get my hands full in an instant. Maybe if my mobile was installed on my glasses I would see a reason to carry them. If they could help me foresee the future than I would not even let go of them.

However, those few seconds ahead of me, when I can read signs, was more important in London than Kuwait. Just because I had to walk to the train announcement board to read the destined train before running off to the appropriate platform. And when those fractions of a minute would signal the train departing, that is when I was left alone and mostly felt that I needed my seeing glasses.

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