Sympathy pain

Yesterday my husband had an operation.I was sitting by his side waiting for him to regain his conscious. I felt sleepy because he was sleeping and when he finally woke up and complained of pain, I started feeling my body hurting in the same way. To the extent of feeling that I would pass out. I tried to distract myself. this often happens to me even with very close friends. When my son had his tonsils removed I could not breath, went pale and felt that I was going to faint just because he was in pain and they showed me his tonsils in a little container. I remember my body going numb when I would hear him cry as a baby.

I dont know how useful it is to have sympathy pain when you cannot do much to relieve the pain. In my husband’s case I was only able to ask for painkiller and to try to show support until the pain was subdued. In the quiet moments that he was resting I was thinking how fragile humans are and how different can our status be. How we would roam the Earth with pride and in few moments can be crippled with pain. How our thoughts of witnessing pain are enough to affect our status, even in the absence of a physical ailment. Then I just prayed that his pain will be over for his sake and mine.

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