The thing to do

What is the thing to do when you feel distracted and can not focus on a report that you need to submit? You would think a more mature me would have more focus and see through those excuses and distractions. I recently realized that things did not change much if any my distractions seem to include bigger projects each time.

During my A level exam preparation I started writing my first novel, for my BSc degree examination, first year I decided to fall in love and got engaged, 2nd year took up painting, 3rd year got married and lived with my husband during my final year examination ( All around submissions and important deadlines). Then for my masters degrees I realized that even if I was not distracting myself there would be other things that will get me away from my main focus.

This is life I reckoned. We all can achieve in perfect circumstances but it is through the toughest of times that you can really test your limits.

I cannot count all the things I do but I surely know that the thing to do is to work hard and enjoy it all :)

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