Very busy months indeed

I have been running around with different tasks that procreate upon completion. Nevertheless, i am enjoying every single bit of it :)

While cleaning my folders i was going through some pictures and tasks that need sorting which took me back in time. The past few months been dense. I done things that i have always been dreaming of. One of which is Spread the Passion which I created over a year ago and I am very proud of. It has evolved over the months and it is great  having the privilege of being amongst great volunteers who dedicate their time for good causes.

I used to shy away from talking about everything I do. I only do so when i feel it is safe. Otherwise, half way through the list I notice people’s faces drop either in shock or disbelief. I can’t help being hyper and doing more than one thing. It might have resonated in my posts as a constant thing I struggle with for approval. Nor do I like the term hyper, it is my own normal pace that I am living at.

After the laptops (yes plural) clean I went through the past few days, I managed to accompany it with some thought sorting which left me feeling very organized. I can do with a digital clean every once and awhile.

I fear saying I am back to blogging as I still have few other blogs I am managing and an endless list of things to do but it is always a happy occasion to land on my personal blog. It feels like home. Be it a digital home. A pause in the chaotic, busy, short lived thoughts out there :)

I am a wonderer and I wonder of the many absences and come backs and the elongated come backs that i have to write to to compensate for my absence.

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