Which apple?

I recently became very fond of apples and not any kind. I keep on standing in front of piles of apples in the supermarket and hoping to get the right red ones that are refreshingly juicy. It is hard to guess what an apple tastes like until you take a bite. And after gowing through different shades of red I still end up with having to decide between two or three piles. I sometimes end up buying a few from each pile and carryout the tasting at home. However, I would love to know how to identify the tasty apples without tasting them :)

2 Responses to “Which apple?

  • hehehe, U prefer red apples? knowing the variety of apples would certainly ease your delimma…I love Royal gala which are sweet and juicy….they are usually firm and their flesh is not too crunchy, thy are red with yellow strokes all over them. If u prefer the crunchy type, then red delicious is your best bet and those are super dark red in color. Both varieties available in Kuwait and imported from US and south Africa.

  • Thanks for your comment. I still find 3 American apple piles and they taste different. I pinned it down to American at least, less piles to choose from :)

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