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One of the thoughts I often relate to with other writers is describing the process of writing. It is some what humorous and as if you are standing in between two mirrors with the refection happening to infinity. Or the picture of a person holding a picture of himself carrying the same picture of himself etc. I guess it is something that you will only understand if you been there on a conceptual level otherwise I can imagine it being very boring for someone whose purpose was to read, ending up with the experience of writing.

With the increase in the number of bloggers perhaps more will relate to this issue. You may find several bloggers stating their reason for blogging and how much they love it or what they thought of blogging and although it seems like a useless exercise from the point of you of a non blogging reader, it is part of the passion associated with this form of expression.

As well as many other artists who may include an image or symbol of themselves in their work such as a character in an animation series, a writer in a novel or story line, a painted figure or symbol of them in a painting. Writers love to mention the process, what it means to them and include themselves in some way in their work. Have I achieved that? Hmm, I wonder.

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  • huh? what? I am still imagining someone carrying a picture in a picture of themselves and infinity of that and i got dizzy LOL

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