Cheeky crawler

In anticipation of each developmental stage a baby reaches, I have been watching my 9 month old son closely. I compare and contrast between him and his older brother, accepting that each would be different. I have been waiting for the young one to crawl these days, as he is already eagerly trying to reach for things and sometimes making a quick leap forward, from a sitting position, and ultimately landing on his face. He loves to stand assisted, move with the walker and imagine that he can fly with the wind as we carry him. Yet crawling is still not in his head. I even told his older brother to enact the moves.

While he lays down we place different objects around hoping that he will find his way and crawl to them. Instead he has developed a role and slide technique that gets him to the desired destination with a cheeky smile. He will bend and twist just enough for his hand to reach the desired object, then he would wave it and giggle in victory. Yes we all have our ways and this cheeky crawler is no exception.

One Response to “Cheeky crawler

  • hehehe may god bless this cheecky fella,,
    my daughter didn’t crawl at all ,,she did the butt hopping thing for awhile then went straight to standing and walking,, I guess crawling isn’t their thing they evolved too quickly and skipped crawling to walking ,, :) :)
    complicated creatures :P

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