One of my early posts was about my son’s crawling attempts. Finally, I saw crawling properly yesterday, although it still has to be for a very good reason such as grabbing the internet connection or tapping on my laptop. At 11 months he might be a bit late but he is not too keen on crawling and has ambitions for walking instead. He thinks he already can as he strides on his walker. If this is possible why settle for anything else? For joy to go anywhere or get anything he just needs to wave his hands. A bit spoilt? He earned t by being very smiley, quiet and peaceful. However, we all need to take steps to getting what we want. At least every once in a while :)

One Response to “Finally!

  • ya laaaaby ,,,mabrook ,,,he is such a sweet baby ,,inshallah he remains as such :)
    you know i think he walks when u r not looking lol .. he seems smart that way ,,observant little fella

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