Humming to the words

We all done this at some stage, mainly as children. When we would forget the words to a popular song or a nursery rhyme or be it a national anthem other than your own. I had to stand through, Canadian, British, and Saudi national anthems. I did not hum but definitely lip synced a on few occasions. As in tune we might think we sound, I recently discovered the torture a listener would go through. My son has been absorbed with Disney’s movie The Lion King and somehow he is convinced that he can sing “The circle of Life” beautifully. Not only does he miss the English words and finds his own replacement. There is no telling what he is saying in the other language sung or whether he was making his own. I am sure he is off my several notes as the uniting words are no longer clear. And as he sings louder to get himself in the mood, I wonder what have I done to deserve this :(

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