The day has come

My son woke me this morning and because asking me when we will continue going through my things. He found some hidden treasure while I was clearing things and opening different drawers in the house. As we were opening drawers we came across my old sticker collection, which I have been hiding for a while. His eyes glittered with excitement and he looked through it before asking and selected his few favorite. I regretted introducing him to the concept, as I still collect them and often would buy a few for him.

He tried to walk away with his catch but I interrupted. “No you are not taking those.” I commanded. “We will file them instead.”

“But I like them I want to stick them in my book.”

I told him that I have been collecting them from a very young age and that I wanted to also preserve them for his brother and future siblings. The whole reason I collected them, in the first place, was so that one day my children would look at them in appreciation.

Part of my sticker collection

Part of my sticker collection

I struggled to convince him especially after he spotted the Thundercats stickers. Then The Lion King even added to his misery. Tears were pouring and he was insisting that he should stick them on a piece of paper. I reasoned that he would not have had the chance to see them if I did not keep them intact on their original sheet. He partly agreed then I told him to wait and see. After I compiled all in new folders, I asked him to flick through “our” collection, he was happy. After turning few pages he said, ” I will tell my children the story that there was a woman who was keeping these stickers for her son even before she had him”

We both smiled and embraced the moment.

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