Video conference with the boys

I am very thankful that I live in a time where I can have video calls with my children. So while I am away in London I can still be connected online. My almost 2 years old boy keeps on calling out to get my attention followed by pretend conversations, while my six year old keeps on updating and to feel that I am around he suggested that we play together during one of the calls.

So he starts off with I spy game. Which was fine for few guesses then he moves on to hide and seek?? So I say how can I seek. He said that I will have to close my eyes then guess which direction he is hiding, left, right or below? I enjoyed his creativity and how his sense of achievement at fooling me when I pretended I didn’t know he was hiding under the desk.

It is great the we can connect and felt wonderful to work with them playing at the background :)

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