What to say to that?

Two days ago, I went to a funeral of a distant relative. When my son asked me; where I have been? I answered that I just been to comfort someone who has loss there mother.

He replied with a full smile, “death is good she went to see God!”

I stood still for a while not sure how to answer. His excitement worried me as he tends to always come up with ways to defy my teachings. I was worried that he might not be worried about dying yet I did not want instill fear in him for the sake of it. I remember as a child the idea of death kept me from sleeping at night as I always wanted to check on my parents if they were still alive.

Picture 3

I then sat him down and said that yes death happens but we must know that we must fulfill our duties while we are living by doing our best to help others and to build and achieve good things. The purpose of which was to emphasize the importance of being responsible and not wishing to die as we have an important role as propagators of life. Also, I told him that it is hard for people to lose ones they love and we must understand this feeling.

I was not sure how to best convey the whole message to my five year old son. I am sure we will revisit the subject many times in the future.


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