“with great power comes great responsibility”

Yes this is the famous line from The spiderman series. Being a mother of boys I have to work hard to understand their unique interests and when my son was interested in comical characters and I was more concerned with the values they installed in him I decided to sit with him and watch and screen clips that would be suitable for my 5 year old.

One of the characters I though might be of a good influence was spiderman and so i sat with him and watched the series and was commenting here and there making sure that he was seeing the responsible side of things and we were discussing why different characters were acting in certain ways as my son had lots of questions to build his thoughts on.Picture 1

When I heard the above line I felt that it was very important to make sure he understands this principle even though he might not incorporate it immediately but he might one day remember it and learn.

My mother always emphasized on this that at a point of power (not limited to spider sense) we must think our actions carefully. She said that a person of authority or at a point of power must consider what they say and do carefully because they could be setting an example or taking an action that will impact others. She would say that when you have the power to avenge yourself it is more powerful to forgive

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