Old poems (2/6): Nature

Another one at around thirteen years of age. At this point I was living in Halifax, Canada.

The sky is bright blue,

This is from my notebook which I decorated at age 13

This is from my notebook which I decorated at age 13

that the sun shines through.

The water is so clear,

that it can disappear.

The leaves are so green,

but in the winter they are not seen.

The roses are so red.

I can put them near my bed.

The sun is so yellow,

which the earth always follows.

Special thanks to my teacher Mrs Boyd who was correcting my poems. I used to bring her a bunch after class and she would leave me comments.

2 Responses to “Old poems (2/6): Nature

  • how sweet to see how u used to decorate and write in your notebook,, :) I am following ur blog but not commenting because the only comments I have nowadays is how nice ,,how sweet and wow ,,so needless to repeat those in every post :* love u dear

  • And I am following your comments and not replying for the same reason. I appreciate all your comments and it is a nice support. Merci :)

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