They say

They say love is a work of art
It takes two to make it true
But when the frame is moved apart
It needs faith to pull it through

When I see your face I see the truth
I see my hopes and dreams in you
I start to believe, no need for proof
Coz that’s to me, what love can do.

They say things are bound to change,
that nothing can stay the same
and forever is out of the range
I said maybe till you came

It’s hard to believe in something new
No need to doubt or think it through
I feel a love I never knew
So tell me now what should I do

They say I have to learn to let go
There are things I need to know
That I am starting to lose my glow
but without you I feel so low

You are the one who I run to
To wipe my tears and cheer me up
You are my world and my home too
I can never ever give you up

They say trust is hard to give
That you earn it along the way
that is how we ought to live
I don’t care what they say

Coz you to me is all I want
I’ll take a leap if that I must
won’t let my fears to ever haunt
instead I’ll say; in you I trust

Originally written by Fate on 14th Dec 2007

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