Our cherished objective

In one of my husband’s wise moments during our engagement he suggested that, since we agreed that marriage is a partnered project, we should set an objective. He said that that would be a reference point for our life together and that it would save us in times to come. I suggested that our objective should be to stay together but he correctly suggested that it should be that we “be happy together”.

During crazy explosions of emotions a cloud of peace would befall us, upon reflecting back on our objective. We would end up putting aside our differences and think how to turn the moment to a happy one. We address the problem and resolve it after we devalue anything that would obstruct our mission. Within a single moment our frowns would transform to smiles, and tears to laughs. We would end up guiding our path paved with the question “does this make us happy?”

It has saved us time and time again and brought down so many walls and melted shields that separated the you from I to encompass the oneness of us. It is one of those mental switches that makes a world of a difference. It is always easier to sync your actions with your objective, once you make the latter very clear. And in doubtful moments you two will cherish your objective.

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  • hmm…food for thought .. :) thanks for sharing ..

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