The year I became a mother of 5 – A novella part 1

I was thinking to post my novel to coincide with the 20th remembrance of the invasion of Kuwait but then I thought that my story was not really about the invasion even though it had a strong impact on it. I decided to start telling my story from years before the invasion.

I remember it still like it was yesterday. The sky transformed into dusty orange with shades of gray, like I haven’t seen before. Whirls of differently shaded clouds were forming and I could hear thunder in mid afternoon. My mother called from the house as I was playing in the garden in our house in Ahmadi. “It will rain soon” She said.

I rushed to the house. At that age I have only witnessed few rainy days that I would remember and was anxious of what to expect. I stepped home with fright. The sky was different today. It felt that the world would end or that something was going to fall from the sky to the blowing sound of thunder.

My mother tried to calm me, as I was peeking from the window, and said, “It is about to rain,” and continued, “blessed rain.”

I turned my head towards her for an explanation.

“Early spring rain is special. If you collect it you can get any thing you wish for”

In excitement, I forgot my fear and rushed to the kitchen to find a cup to collect the precious water. I found my favorite metallic cup by the basin within my reached, which I grabbed in haste and rushed to place on the cement porch. As I put it to rest, I saw the water droplets hitting the floor. There were falling at faster speed and so I stepped back and tried to spot how many would land in my cup. I stood there counting and praying for more rain.

“You can go and play with your brothers and then take your cup when the rain is over” my mother advised me.

I took her advise with a pinch of worry that something might go wrong, at the same time I knew what I wanted to wish for.

2 Responses to “The year I became a mother of 5 – A novella part 1

  • oh I wanna know what did you wish for ,,I knew you will do this to me ,,I need more ,, :) nice start

  • You will have to wait and see :)

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