London cycle hire

Picture 33

So I arrive in London and see several bicycle stations. I walk to one to find out more and a phone call later I become a member of this exciting scheme. Few days later I get the access key and I use it the same day to try cycling in the capital. OK, so I am no expert at cycling, and the last time I recall cycling might be around 8 years or so ago.

Turns out I didn’t forget how to cycle. I docking station in the park so that I can cycle there with no traffic. I only managed 15 minutes before having to head to a meeting. It was a very enjoyable experience and the first 30 minutes are free so you can borrow and return the bicycle all day for free if the time is not exceeded.

Well, I will be back to Kuwait soon but I look forward to cycling more often on my return to London. Another opportunity to get fit that I really enjoyed  :)

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