Passing by (guest book)

This petal is dedicated to the songs yet to be sung, the dreams that linger since life had begun.

A simple melody that remains afloat, in times when life wears a different coat.

Those moments with their unique hue, that take you back to days you once knew.

But on a more simple note, here you can post comments on things I wrote.

6 Responses to “Passing by (guest book)

  • Really great blog! I loved the “Where is the cheese?” dilemma *L* This is wonderful. Keep it up! Love, xoxox <3

  • i love your writing style, sounds like poetry, you should write for money cuz i feel spoiled getting this for free

  • by writing style i dont mean whats written above, cuz i know that is actually a poem haha

  • Thank you Hassan :)

  • I read the entire blog in one evening, I didn’t sense time at all.
    I enjoyed every post, each with its unique style, wisdom and fun.
    I seriously think you should go published :)
    wishing you all the best, waiting for your comeback.

  • Thanks Zainab for your wonderful words. I will have a come back soon :)

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