Someone asked me my view regarding a piece of news that I was not following. I did not reply as I was not sure about all aspects and don’t like to just jump into a conclusion. If something does not immediately compel me into having a strong stance then maybe I would be indifferent. I am usually like that when I feel that not all of the information is released to the public and things are being staged. Not that I am a conspiracy theorist but following human behavior in general I find some news items being given more importance than other more pressing issues. I feel someone out there intended you to react, not necessarily the person who is the subject of the news but perhaps the person who reported it.

Or when it comes to judging the life and choices certain celebrates make, I often feel an unease to base my opinion on a snap shot of someone else’s life. Or I might be asked to guess if someone has committed a crime, well if the court of justice is still assessing the matter, how would I know? I don’t like to judge with no evidence.

This got me thinking whether we need an opinion for every piece of information. Surely it is part of our conception of the world around us that we would digest and analyze news and file them in compartments of agree and disagree with varying degrees. However, I still feel that some news is of no interest to me. Perhaps it is the subject or whatever reason I might have, obvious or not, for some I would simply be indifferent. And would like to remain so and unprovoked to has sides when I would not feel that I should be siding at such a matter.

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