Pret Edamame

Pret Edamame

So just when I thought that things cant get better on the Pret a manger menu they just did. Well I am not sure when they added Edamame and I think it is a popular item since I did not come across it except later. This is a perfect combination, edamame tastes the same in all restaurants.  In fact I would order from a Japanese restaurant just for the edamame and having it as a snack on the go is, well snacking just got much better and healthier. My first reaction was a delighted; “Perfect :)

5 Responses to “Perfect

  • bel3afiah 7abeebti it is so healthy :) good to see u r eating good stuff :*

  • I LOVE edamami !! its just perfect like you said, Sultan Center have frozen bags you can buy and make your own :)

  • That’s great. Thanks I will checkout the frozen isle once I am back :)

  • We were wondering what you were eating in London. We all figured it would be Pret-A-Manger. :)

  • edama means a swelling which a fantastic approach by the person who named it. I would like to know which approach they took in naming the BANANA. Also did you know that the metal band on a classic pencil that holds the eraser called Ferrule. The next time you want to show off try to squeeze it into a conversation.

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