When living is like painting

It is at a certain point in life when you realize that in some ways living is like a painting. When you have a certain vision that you try to communicate and then actualize, but the problem is no one else can see what you are seeing, in your mind’s eye at least. No one will know your potential that you are still realizing and no one would predict any unforeseen obstacles.

Friends who believe in you might get excited over the idea and show support, while others will see your project as a waste of time. Rivals who feel threatened by your potential will try to weigh you down. But the choice remains with you. Do you choose to put heart and soul to make your vision become real? Or surrender and add it to the many visions that turn to the forgotten phantoms of thoughts.

Mind you, the time it takes to paint your picture could be more than you initially anticipated and there are many hurdles that might suddenly make an appearance. Yet, to achieve is another tier of living and once you do that at least you can evaluate, measure and know how visions can become real and to what extent. What strokes you could add and what mistakes to avoid.

Once the painting is complete, then it will only be down to taste. My husband says, “Life is a matter of taste.”

Personally, I choose mine to be sweet :)

Remember, “Life is a matter of choice”

To achieve or not

To be happy or not

To be or not to be :)

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