Who is the fairest?

When I used to update my father about my grade and school progress I was always asked where I ranked in the class. It was not important whether or not I got an A but rather if that was the top mark. As much as I loved making my father proud, I reached the conclusion early on that I was not the competitive type. In fact, I would stare away from competitive people. In class I used to explain the home work to those ho found it difficult. Go over maths problems with people who did not understand its logic, and I would passionately recap things we learned.

I never understood why people hogged knowledge as I was a firm believer that the more we know, the more we can communicate and grow together. Even though I have been with people who used to accompany me for the thoughts I bear and ideas I come up with to get them further in life. Nevertheless, I still keep on sharing my ideas and thoughts and wanting everyone to know more (although now with a less naive approach). In fact I often wish there were people who would want to implement the ideas I have and carry them out because I am never short of things to do.

However, I have always maintained one close competitor. Always on the watch and making sure that I am ahead. For my only competition is really me. I believe that looked around and tracking the progress of others is very distracting for achieving one’s goals. We are all moving towards different goals, in different styles and with different abilities. If one would focus on one’s progress and always strives to advance from the previous step then surely only progress lies ahead. Looking left or right would lead to a sway and only a focused forward look leads to the successful way.

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