Built-in navigation

Whenever I go on my way to university I tend to default to my auto pilot mode. I have been going to the same place for a long while via the same route. The minute I leave the building to walk to the station I start day dreaming rather and let my brain automatically navigate me to my destination. And so, upon a slight road or train disruption I sometimes get confused in trying to figure out where I am. It is o subconscious at points that I have to wait and think which station I am in and traveling to which direction. I feel that I would have suddenly woken up from my day dream to think about the route. One particular funny moment comes to mind, back four years ago I was writing a poem on the underground and in trying to avoid the crowd I took a detour and then returned to navigation mode only to find myself traveling back after I was done writing my poem :) Nevertheless, this ability to go on auto pilot is amazing I often wonder about the scope of this ability.

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  • You should write a Human Being for dummies. Your paragraph can go under the routine section

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