09th Jan 2012
inside the box

Back to a classic

My sons Pride and Joy have been obsessing over electronic games on ipod and ipad. I was wondering if they would ever look away from the screen and enjoy any...

10th Jun 2011
twitter killed the facebook star

twitter killed the facebook star

I remember an old song “video killed the radio star”. Thinking about it, we still have some popular radio shows with plenty of tuned listeners. It will depend on the...

03rd Jun 2011

Power of the mind

With theories of The Law of attraction, power of the mind and a tad of wishful thinking I often wonder. Are we getting what we wish for or six sensing...

29th May 2011
Very busy months indeed

Very busy months indeed

I have been running around with different tasks that procreate upon completion. Nevertheless, i am enjoying every single bit of it While cleaning my folders i was going through some...

26th Jan 2011
Amazing video about the school system

Amazing video about the school system

Thanks Areej for sharing it

01st Jan 2011
A new year a new hope

A new year a new hope

I am always amazed at how time affects how we see things and how special dates can elevate our hopes, motivate our efforts to resolve problems for a better future....

20th Dec 2010
If only …

If only …

As I was writing and  scheduling blog posts I could not help but wonder what benefits would we get if everything else we use can be scheduled as such. I...

21st Nov 2010
Picture 3b5

A special gift for Eid

So I woke up on the morning of Eid trying to recall the many thoughts that were woven with my dreams. The flat was quiet, I briefly remembered my son...

18th Nov 2010
Picture 40

Ink it

When studying for exams or writing notes I used to be very picky about the presentation and usually resorted to using pencils in order to have the chance to rub...

14th Nov 2010
Picture 36

More boots

As part of my trips to London I get to focus on myself. This includes eating more healthy food, exercising and completing my wardrobe. I don’t get to shop much...