twitter killed the facebook star

I remember an old song “video killed the radio star”. Thinking about it, we still have some popular radio shows with plenty of tuned listeners. It will depend on the life style of the listener e.g. those who drive and like to hear something on the road opposed to someone bored at home who might decide to switch on the tv and watch something.

When visually engaged I think people would opt for radio or music specifically. It is very interesting how fat media platforms are evolving nowadays and as soon as accessibility is sorted a lot of people are getting hooked.

My recent preference  for using twitter was just a matter of accessibility. I now have it on my phone and given the small screen size and the version i have I prefer it over facebook. Nevertheless, when I am facing my laptop i would only check my facebook and briefly browse around.

Moreover, having sat through an introductory NLP course am now thinking that it might be our preference in receiving information. Without having to go through all of the categories but for instance a person who is more visual than auditory will have one preference rather than the other.

Another factor of course is the people you want to connect with and the different media tools they are using and so you might choose to follow or see the face accordingly. Maintaing all equally is a challenge and at some point you choose what to stick to for your reasons and surely variety is the spice of life or virtual life :)

Friday wonderment :)

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  • Salam how have you been love ,,u r greatly missed and your son greets me in a special way i know how love is inherited :) i hope the other one is well and giving u an easy time take care

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