A new year a new hope

I am always amazed at how time affects how we see things and how special dates can elevate our hopes, motivate our efforts to resolve problems for a better future. Change seems to hang on certain occasions and certain days of the year. As the world turns one day older making it one year older different promises are being made. A simple note to self or perhaps a declared resolution. You are almost always expected to do something different. The world seems to be calling for a new leaf and it provides us with many reminders of such and opportunities to do so. As change is a natural process, our only choice with the passing time is the direction that our life will lead.

Besides the weight loss plans and things to achieve by so and so date, how many people are aware of how much they changed and the direction of change. Was it a planned change? or a product of circumstances?

I remember promising myself as a child that I will not change because I felt adults were insensitive to the feelings of children and i wanted to remember how things felt and how i can sometimes judge a child with a child’s mind. How adults would teach us certain values and then forget to apply them. How adults build boundaries between one another enriched by political agenda while children trust more and befriends more people. Yet change is almost inevitable.

and so my wish this year is not only for a simple change but a metamorphosis of achievements that would contribute to humanity. I do not have a list of resolutions but rather a plan of events to leave an impact and inspire others to care and contribute. These will be revealed as the year progresses and beyond the year as I have long term plans.

Wishing everyone a very happy year.

2 Responses to “A new year a new hope

  • care and contribute… I wanna give you a hug!

    i know this might not make much of a sence to you … i wonder if does to me, but … i believe that joining Spread The Passion … meeting you… reading this blog … it can’t be anything less than God is watching over me…

    bless you :*

  • Aaah that’s so sweet Hitaff. I wish you all the best you are a very special person and I feel very fortunate for having you with us :*

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