If only …

As I was writing and  scheduling blog posts I could not help but wonder what benefits would we get if everything else we use can be scheduled as such. I remember when timing your VCR to record shows while you are out, was a technological wonder. With technology so far there are still oceans of possibilities and things that would just require developers to develop the code necessary for certain applications or tasks.

It would be wonderful if personal email could be scheduled (please tell me if it could) as sometime I know what I want to write but I don’t want to make an announcement yet. I think spammers or marketing guys know a way to it or have such module in their email options. 

Same goes for text messages from mobile phones. While i can schedule sms via websites and hope that it would arrive on time, I would like a similar function on mobile phones.

These things could be available in which case I want to know where ?

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