03rd Feb 2010
Picture 12

My readers from afar

My brother opened an account for me with google analytics in order for me to track visitors to my blog. I did not seem to care at first but felt...

02nd Feb 2010
Picture 9

Something for the weekend

An exhibition that caught my attention Date: Friday & Saturday February 5-6, 2010 Time: 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm Address: Salwa, Block 3, Street 7, House 405, Top Floor (2nd)...

31st Jan 2010
A recipe card from Kon-Tiki restaurant

What happened to Kon-Tiki restaurant?

Well a lot of people might not have known about it but this restaurant was one of my favorite ones. It was by default the number one place to invite...

29th Jan 2010

Segmentation is key

I tend to go with the holistic approach and try to solve the problems of the world and get overwhelmed in the process. In addition to finding out that some...

23rd Jan 2010

Adding pictures

As I blog, I often look back at the post and feel that it needs more colour. I cannot commit to drawing, although I would love to do so, and...

20th Jan 2010
Which apple?

Which apple?

I recently became very fond of apples and not any kind. I keep on standing in front of piles of apples in the supermarket and hoping to get the right...

18th Jan 2010
Earliest memory

Earliest memory

I was thinking today about my earliest memory and I could not decide between two moments. One is splits seconds of doctors in an operating theater or what I think...

17th Jan 2010
Daily rituals

Daily rituals

It has been part of my daily ritual to blog and today because I only managed to get connected later than usual I felt seriously disoriented. It is interesting how...

15th Jan 2010
Pechakucha IV

Pechakucha IV

Yesterday, I attended the fourth pechakucha event in Kuwait. I loved it so much but wished that I could pronounce the name better to promote it.  At the end, I...

13th Jan 2010
The honesty card

The honesty card

Few years ago I had a person working for me who confessed to abusing some of the privileges I give to my staff. As I was discussing the situation and...