The honesty card

Few years ago I had a person working for me who confessed to abusing some of the privileges I give to my staff. As I was discussing the situation and telling her how she should not been doing such things and how it is equivalent to stealing and so forth, then the person in question pulled out the phrase, “at least I was honest!”

As an immediate reaction my voice tone would drop and I would reconsider and instead of telling the person off you sometimes end up giving them a trophy only to find later that there is a pattern developing. So it will be something like, “I will do whatever I please and then confess when I see suitable and you will thank me for it and even pat me on the shoulder.”

Wow, how genius is that! For the price of honesty there seems to be an open ticket that gives access to all sorts of petty crimes.

So where should the line be on matters as such? I wonder.

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