More boots

Picture 36As part of my trips to London I get to focus on myself. This includes eating more healthy food, exercising and completing my wardrobe. I don’t get to shop much with the children I only go for bare essentials but alone in London I get to pass time after university and weekends by going shopping. So as a winter essential I needed new boots. I found a pair I liked at ecco and thought that I can tick that off my list but I noticed that whenever I past shoe shops I kept on looking at more boots. I thought that I already finished with that but somehow I kept screening windows for black boots. I don’t need more than one black pair. Maybe I was interested in comparing the ones I got with other brands. I tried t brush it off and tried avoiding the urge of walking into a shoe store.

“Move on lady to the next thing on the list” I thought to myself not conforming with cliched womenly habits. Then I needed a bag for my laptop and then again after purchasing one that is the first thing I spot at windows and shops. I thought that this behaviour is something I wish to understand. I don’t think I am the only one who does that and thought why do we do that?

It could be an issue of comparing what we have to what is out there? We want the best so that could be part of it? I wonder what important function does this behaviour is associated with? I have my own theory and I can only see it from a geneticist point of few as selecting the person with good genes to pass on to offspring that would involve comparison. But why doesn’t that thought switch off once we made the purchase or does the point of focus lingers for a while.

Just wondering :)

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