A special gift for Eid

Picture 11So I woke up on the morning of Eid trying to recall the many thoughts that were woven with my dreams. The flat was quiet, I briefly remembered my son and my husband making their way out in the early hours of morning. I sat quietly and was thinking, -hmmmm how long should I wait before I purchase an ipad?

-Do I really need it or I think I do?

-Not sure with the current features

-I think I will wait until they add a camera

-Bet I can get lots of educational apps for the children

So few minutes later the outside door opens and my son and husband arrive and greet me for Eid with a special gift. An ipad :)

I was still in trance from joy and might not have said thanks enough and definitely not to the level of my joy. How did he read my thoughts? I never mentioned it I just thought it. I was overjoyed with the gift but mainly that my husband figured out what I wanted without me even saying it.

Of course I downloaded loads of free apps from the itunes store which I hope I can review when I have time but I was especially happy with the children apps and educational material, which means that my ipad will be subject for common use but seeing my 20 months old son’s expression is priceless.

My children now wake up in the morning and approach me to play with the ipad.

I still wonder how did he know :)

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