Many comebacks hardly a return

Picture 28So I was wondering what kept me from blogging all this time. “Busy” seems a too simple answer, as I am always busy and post don’t take me too long to write and I could have easily made time to. Maybe it is a deep rooted issue? It took me so long to analyze and as I looked back I noticed a change in style and content. Maybe the reason could be related to conforming to certain standards. Then I thought that I don’t have to adhere to any style. This blog is mine and could be as random as I want it to be. As organic and free as my thoughts are formed and reformed to reflect certain experiences and new understanding.

It will be interesting to study blogging as a certain experience and way of expression. There are certain commonalities and similar experiences that bloggers might go through that would only fully understood by fellow bloggers. The effects and affects of social media and internet on our life has been a recent fascination. I remember life before the wide use of the internet. Heck, even life before large use of mobiles (do not attempt to calculate my age I am not too old just have a super memory :)

So I am happy to be back and blogging, hoping this is a return, though I will not feel guilty for disappearing for a while. As all bloggers must feel it is always good to be back to the blogosphere :)

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